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Student Book Buyer

Earn up to $35 an hour buying textbooks from other students and invite your friends to buy with you.

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We will reach out with more information on becoming a student book buyer.

Buyers can choose to lead a team of friends and classmates to buy with them, earning great money, and providing a unique service for their peers.

As a buyer, you will earn a profit percentage for every book you purchase. As a captain, you'll earn a bonus on what your team buys. The more you buy, the more you'll pocket!


From your laptop, tablet, mobile device, you'll be able to quote book prices using our library of over 300,000 titles.


We will send you boxes, tape, and prepaid shipping labels. All you have to do is box'em up and schedule a pickup.

Get Paid

You will earn cash every time you or your team purchases books. The better your team does, the more you make.

Connect Anywhere

Our buyer’s portal goes where you go giving you dashboard access whenever, wherever. Use your mobile to ring up orders and computer to track inventory, whatever fits your lifestyle.

  • Price Books
  • Create Purchases
  • Monitor Profits
  • Manage Team Members
  • Track Inventory