Dormstorm FAQs

How do I get started?
Its easy! Just press the "Apply" button and then complete our short application, attach your resume, and we will get back to you soon.
When do I buy Textbooks?
In our experience, the best times for book purchasing is at the end of every semester, referred to as our Buyback Season. Buyers can start to buy available books from students during the last days of classes and throughout the Finals weeks at their Schools of Choice usually in their home town areas.
Where do I store the books I buy?
You are responsible for storing and shipping your books to our Austin, TX based Warehouse at the end of your Buying Season. Before shipping your books you can store them in your dorm room or apartment.

Bookadia provides prepaid shipping labels for your to use to ship your books to us through your local FedEx store. If you find you are runinng out of space to store your books you can request a Shipping Label and ship in your books at your convenience. If you are working with a Team then you can get in touch with your DormStorm Captain to schedule a pickup for your books.
Who can I buy Books from?
You can buy books from other students, your family or your friends. We encourage you to use your campus connections to help improve your purchasing power. You can use social networking, announcements at your organizations (Soroities, Fraternities, Campus Clubs) to help generate interest in selling books. You can buy books from anyone. The more you buy, the more cash you earn in commissions and bonuses!
How much time do I need to spend Buy Books?
Its up to you how much time and effort you put into buying Textbooks. "The more you put in the more you get" is a very helpful motto during Buyback Season. A DormStormer or Team Captain who can put in 20-40 hours during the Buyback Season can expect to make a larger commision than someone who can only buy for a few hours during the Final's time.
What is a Dormstormer?
Dormstormers are members of Bookadia’s exclusive student book buying team. We find innovative and convenient methods of purchasing books from students and offer bookstore competitive prices.
What does a Dormstorm Captain do?
Captains assemble and organize a team compiled of friends and creating and implementing successful buying strategies unique to their campus. Captains are also responsible for managing the teams bankroll and collecting all their team’s book purchases.
Does it cost me anything to be a Captain?
No. Purchasing is done through our online portal which can be accessed via any smartphone, tablet, or laptop. Additionally, any boxes, scanners, labels and other supplies needed will be provided by Bookadia.
What cash do I use to purchase books with?
Captains have the option to fund their own book buying operation. In doing so, they receive an additional bonus and can get started immediately. Most of our Captains apply for our Dormstorm Funding option which grants them access to the capital needed to purchase books.
What qualities make up a good Dormstormer?
Good Dormstormers are members with an out-going personality, ability to self promote, willingness to work, and are goal and task oriented. If the phrase “the more you buy the more you make” gets you excited, you are most likely a good fit.
How do I earn money for the books I buy?
Dormstormers earn a set commission they decide for each book purchased. When stormers check-in their books, the stormer will be reimbursed what they paid for the book plus the commission. For example, if a stormer pays $100 for a book, and the commission rate is 30%, they will receive $130 for the book.
Why would students sell books to me instead of the bookstore?
We use real time marketplace pricing to determine competitive buyback offers for each and every book. Additionally, Stormers seek out students where they live, eat, and study, offering them cash on the spot for their book, thus saving them time and a trip down to the bookstore.
How does the Captain get paid?
Once all the books have all been received by our warehouse, a direct deposit for the total book value plus any team bonuses will be deposited into the Captain’s bank account.
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